Chetco Activity Center
550 Chetco Lane, Brookings, OR 97415
Did you know people who volunteer enjoy healthier lifestyles?

Check out all the opportunities to help and make new friends at the CAC today!

Joanne helps with many things around the Center. Joanne also coordinates the critical AARP TaxAide Program each year! Thank you, Joanne!



Do you realize most of the work at the Chetco Activity Center is done by volunteers who make a world of difference, benefiting others, helping the community, and assisting themselves? 

There are various reasons to volunteer at the Center.

  • You could gain career experience, if you or someone you know needs to build a resume
  • You could make new friends because being a volunteer means you meet people who share your interests or hobbies
  • Volunteering feels good, when you “give back” you will feel your contribution is needed; sense that you have a place in this world as you are truly making a difference to others.

Please contact Scott Clapson
at the Chetco Activity Center
541-469-6822, Ext. 22 to see where you could help
while making new friends and
sharing your own unique skills and abilities. 

Thayne Groff and Eleanor Cook preparing food in the kitchen at Chetco Activity Center.

Eleanor -- a busy volunteer at the CAC

There are more than 120 volunteers who lend their hand, expertise and support to the programs provided to visitors at the Chetco Activity Center. January is always an exciting time as it heralds the opening of the AARP TaxAide Program. Receptionists are the volunteers who juggle three incoming phone lines, make the appointments and answer questions from callers about documents required for their tax returns. This remains a critical, free, individualized program to help low-to-moderate-income neighbors--especially those 60 and older--submit their tax returns each year. 


One of the TaxAide volunteers who, like the preverbal battery-operated rabbit, is Eleanor Cook. Diners at the CAC recognize Eleanor as their chief cook, but she is a key volunteer as well.   This busy lady is committed to the success of all the programs and she can be found volunteering in the serving line of other county community dinners also. Eleanor is a tireless organizer and is always ready to help at any event or party. She even baked the 4 ft. x 8 ft. birthday cake to celebrate the 100th birthday of the Curry County Fair last summer. Eleanor also sews items for the Center and, as a skilled cabinet-maker, her woodworking talents can be appreciated in our computer lab. When visiting the Center, either to have tax returns prepared, or to have lunch, or take a computer class, wave a hello to Eleanor Cook, the Center’s own tireless hare.