Chetco Activity Center
550 Chetco Lane, Brookings, OR 97415
The CAC has been a vital part of the Brookings/Harbor community for over 35 years! The Center is used by area residents for meals, education, exercise and social gatherings every day.
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About Us

The one things that ties us together for life--
is love for each other, a family of friends, 
a gathering of minds and hearts
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Membership  at the CAC is just $15 each year or $150 for a lifetime membership. This membership fee then entitles you to free classes and discounts at the Center. You will also receive a $10 discount on your CalOre Lifeflight membership too.
Where We've Been:
The Chetco Senior Center evolved from a group of folks around the oak dining table of Theora and George Humphries. In the mid-70s it was decided a place was needed for area residents to meet for conversation, activities, card games and lunches. With donations from many interested people, they rented the Little Green Building for their first Center. Volunteers took turns making pots of soup, served with bread each day. Sometimes they were treated to Ruth Dalton's famous shortbread. 

It soon became apparent a larger facility would be needed, so a major fundraising effort was launched. With the most gracious donation from Virginia Manley who purchased the land at 550 Chetco Lane, countless other persons who donated money, sweat, labor and materials, the center was constructed.
Where We Are:
Today the Center serves hundreds of meals to shut-ins and in our dining room each month. The lounge hosts games of dominoes as well as all types of card games. There is always a jigsaw puzzle in the works to finish and many books to read, check out and purchase. If you want to read a current magazine, just stop in and check around the tables in the lounge. You are sure to find one you like.
Where We're Going:
In the future, the members, board, staff and volunteers all want to see this center full of people doing all the fun activities we've become famous for. We want to continue serving meals, hosting fun events, displaying art, holding educational classes, introducing friends to one another. The community of Brookings invested money and hard work to make this facility a friendly, warm place to be. The members have taken very good care of the building and the volunteers and members continue to support the programs and activities. Today we need increased funding in order to continue providing services to the adults in the Brookings/Harbor area. Please visit the donate page and contribute what you can to ensure these services continue for many years.