Chetco Activity Center
550 Chetco Lane, Brookings, OR 97415
You will always find a warm welcome here!
Glenda is a helpful volunteer coordinator for the main reception desk. Come in and say "hello."
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Find a Friend and Be a Friend
at the Chetco Activity Center Today!
The best thing about the Chetco Activity Center -- This is the place to connect with other people.
Folks who share your interests.
Make new friends 
Or, reacquaint yourself with some you haven't seen in a long time.
Share your life and news with a group of like-minded companions.

Share this journey we call life with Friends at the Chetco Activity Center.
Your own journey will be a lot more FUN!
Start today!

Do you want to know 
what a "Typical Day"

at the Activity Center

looks like?


Just watch this

fun video for scenes

from classes, games,

volunteer activities,

and dinner, of course!


You can join 

in any time!

We exist to provide services, 
functions and activities 
for residents in the Brookings-Harbor area.