Chetco Activity Center
550 Chetco Lane, Brookings, OR 97415

Are you new to the area?
Seeking friends or someone 
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Visit the CAC today!
You will always find a warm welcome here!
Glenda is a helpful volunteer coordinator for the main reception desk. Come in and say "hello."
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Time to Walk!

Have you been wanting to start or re-start a walking practice? Are you not certain how to do this? Are you concerned about your ability to "keep up" and worry it may not be tailored for your activity level? 

Plan to attend the Chetco Activity Center's Walk With Ease Program beginning September 8. All you have to do is call Scott at 541-469-6822, Extension 34. He will explain this new program and provide a workbook to help you be successful in your desire to become more healthy.

Walk With Ease is an adaptable walking program developed by The Arthritis Foundation and OSU Extension and is being sponsored and led by the Chetco Activity Center. To help us all become healthier individuals, we need to -- just walk. So come join in and walk with Ease!

Re-Discover one of the best resources in our community!!
 We hear it everyday. Visitors to the center are always amazed at this large, beautiful facility; located right here in the center of Brookings. Here we enjoy one of the best Activity Centers in the entire state of Oregon. It was dreamed of, designed and built by the people in the community. The residents, themselves, got together in the mid-seventies and decided they wanted to build a place to meet, play games, and learn while dining with friends. Through sharing their time, money, resources, talents and skills, people like the Humphreys and Manley's made their dream a reality. 

Please come visit this outstanding resource smack dab right in the center of Brookings. The Activity Center and the services offered here are provided for all the Brookings Community, regardless of age. Refer your friends here for the activities, join us at lunch time or learn something new in a class. Remember, the facilities and meeting rooms of the Center are also available to rent for your family or company's activities for a low fee.

This is a fun, friendly place to be--The Chetco Activity Center. Below you will find a list of the major, monthly, weekly, daily, and annual programs, offered by by the CA. In addition to the activities, there are fun monthly events held with an emphasis on fun! Please, come to the CAC soon. 
Help IS Needed!
Our  Center needs people like you to help with the various activities going on around here. You can become a volunteer, and help other seniors. ALL efforts made by our volunteers are greatly appreciated. Please, come join our very friendly volunteer family, and enjoy a fun, caring, and welcoming community. 

If you want to volunteer here at the CAC, please contact

Scott Clapson, the CAC Administrative Assistant,
or call him at 541-469-6822 Ext. 34

You can also send him a message at 

Find a Friend and Be a Friend
at the Chetco Activity Center Today!
The best thing about the Chetco Activity Center -- This is the place to connect with other people.
Folks who share your interests.
Make new friends 
Or, reacquaint yourself with some you haven't seen in a long time.
Share your life and news with a group of like-minded companions.

Share this journey we call life with Friends at the Chetco Activity Center.
Your own journey will be a lot more FUN!
Start today!

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